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I’m gonna call you right back…

Agent McCall in 315 & 316

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guys guys guys, check out this lovely commission I got from neotericwitch! I requested James doing something that surprised Payton, and suffice it to say, this was exactly what I wanted! also, they’ve got commissions going on right now, so you should check them out!! what a sweetheart and so incredibly talented!

just a reminder that if you’re a white dude, you can leave a show on twitter without even consulting the writers and be written out with a little footnote that you can come back whenever you want

but if you respectfully approach the lead writer as a female saying you want to pursue other options, good fucking luck

aaaaay teen wolf is trash and the writing is trash and crystal deserves better anyway


I’m here to help him, not you.

You’re all so strong. You’re fearless. 

Hey. You’re gonna be okay.